Grant Thornton and INESE work together to train insurance companies in Blockchain technology

BlockchainLab 05 Dic 2017,

The first Blockchain training session to the insurance sector was held last week, organized by INESE and given by members of Grant Thornton Blockchain’s lab from Madrid, international competence center of this multinational firm since 2015.

The training included sessions on the origins of the technology, with emphasis in Bitcoin, Blockchain’s evolution, its massive adoption from the business community, comparing other alternatives such as Ethereum and its private implementations, Hyperledger Fabric or Corda. In these areas, different use cases for the insurance sector were evaluated for their possible implementation in the short term.

The legal, technical and business aspects were revised under a practical point of view for the participants to gain the necessary knowledge to ideate use cases to be developed.

Thanks to the experience of the participants, business executives from companies such as ARAG, AXA, Zurich-Banc Sabadell, FIATC, Mutual Médica, Medicorasse y Roca & Ferrés Assesors, three very useful use cases were developed. These use cases were respectively based on data portability, certification and loyalty points. After a close voting process, the latter use case, developed by a group formed by AXA and FIATC, was the winner.

This training, held in Barcelona, will complete its first edition the following 13th of December, in Madrid, for which there are no more available seats. Consequently, a second edition will be held on the 22nd and 23rd of January in Madrid and on the 19th and 20th of March in Barcelona. Thanks to this initiative, Grant Thornton and INESE keep on going further in their purpose to increase the knowledge of the blockchain technology in the insurance sector, due the millionaire impact that can generate for the sector in the medium term.

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