Creating a smart construction environment through blockchain
  • BIM (Building Information Modelling) consists of a process of generation and management of data related to a civil construction or a building during its lifecycle. A real-time dynamic 3D modelling software makes it possible.
  • Those data are implemented through a 3D model of a construction project, which is shared between the agents of the building process.
  • We are using blockchain technology within the BIM ecosystem to solve the deficiencies of this methodology. The main goal of this Project is to build a neutral, transparent and secure environment which could be used to increase the trust when working in a collaborative way in the construction sector.


The parameters recorded within every BIM object is linked to legal agreements through Smart Contracts, granting principles of neutrality, immutability and traceability.


Blockchain could track the changes made over every single BIM object, linking them to their author and eliminating issues that could arise when identifying the editors of the model.
Likewise, criminal and civil liabilities related to the changes in the model will be also easily determined with this solution.


Blockchain allows the recognition of what is already constructed using Zero-Proof-Knowledge.
Thus, it tracks the status of every single BIM object in a shared blockchain between its participants. In this way, we grant an automatic consensus over the status of the construction and create a fair, neutral and transparent construction environment and preventing financial abuses by the parties.


Outsourcing is a key element in any construction project. It has impact related to labour, Risk prevention and also legal implications.
Blockchain enables an immutable Registry of the outsourcing and could also be linked to the objects of the BIM model.