Token Bank

Transmitting value without transferring money
  • Token Bank is a system that allows the registration in Blockchain of operations between entities or individuals, so that by exchanging tokens backed by bank money, Smart Contracts that allow to perform operations in a virtually instantaneous and automatic way can be created.
  • After a certain period of time, the part that has a negative balance transfers the equivalent amount in euros, netting the balance. Thus, where there used to be infinity of bank transfers, now only one is done.
  • We use blockchain technology to immutably record transactions between two parties, avoiding the need to pay commissions and suffer the delays of bank transfers in most cases.

Money Tokenization

Within the blockchain, tokens are transferred. These are the representation of a previously decided value. For example, you can decide that a token is one euro.
Given the fact that this transaction unchangeable, there is a proof that makes it unnecessary to constantly transfer money.

Almost instant confirmation

Thanks to the technology behind the blockchain, when a transaction is made, it is verified and confirmed in less than an hour, as opposed to some bank transfers that require days to complete the process.

Smart contracts

Using scheduling options offered by blockchains such as Ethereum, it is possible to schedule contracts so that, at the moment certain events occur, the transfers are executed automatically.
Our team, formed jointly by lawyers and developers, has extensive experience in the programming of this type of contracts complying with current regulations.

TaaS (Trust as a Service)

Until now, the figure of a third party was essential for two parties that do not trust each other to interact. With blockchain, it is not anymore.
The unique code that encrypts the transaction (the hash) is replicated to all nodes in the network, which compete to validate their truth, so that double spending or transfer without funds is impossible.